App Permissions

Requesting a new permission when your app is already in use (live and installed)

Step 1:

Add the new permissions and click ‘Create Revision’.

Step 2:

A modal will appear presenting you with the option to ‘Send Requests’. If you choose to send the requests, an email will be sent to the person that installed your app.

Each customer will have to agree to the new permission before our team can approve your revision.

You can track this process on the ‘App Consents’ page or reach out to your customer to expedite their response to our message.

If you decide not to send the requests, our Admin team will send the requests.

Please see an example email the customer will receive:


An App you have installed from the AppMarket ‘YOUR APP NAME’ has requested the following additional permissions to your data:


To agree to the requested data, please click accept below where you’ll be redirected to the AppMarket. If you are unsure of this request or you have questions, please contact 'YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS’ for more information.


Kind regards

Reapit Ltd”

Please note, the email address for the customer to contact will be yours should they wish to discuss the requested permissions.

Step 3:

The customer will be redirected to the AppMarket and will be need to ‘Accept’ the request. This is to ensure data security.

Step 4:

The admin team will be able to monitor the status of each request and once you have received approval from all customers, we will approve your request.

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