Create React App Template
A Create React App Template to get you immediately started with Reapit Foundations
The fastest way to get started building a Reapit AppMarket App is with our Create-React-App template. This package extends the functionality offered by the Facebook CLI and React Scripts whilst adding Reapit Specific packages for AppMarket development. Out of the box you will have an app that;
  • Is authenticated against our Platform API using Reapit Connect and Connect Session
  • Has the Elements UI library installed with basic containers and a menu
  • Has a login and private protected route
  • Has an example API call fetching data from the Platform
  • Includes TypeScript, Platform Type Definitions, and Unit Tests


First execute
npx create-react-app <<your-app-name-here>> --template @reapit/cra-template-foundations
Open the project in your text editor and insert your Reapit Connect ClientId from the Developer Portal along with the production connectUserPoolId, eu-west-2_eQ7dreNzJ into the config file located at:
CD into your project directory and run yarn start or any of the CRA standard commands eg yarn build yarn test
On running yarn start your app will load at http://localhost:8080, you will first be re-directed to log in to Reapit Connect if you don't already have a session, then will return back authenticated to a landing page.
You should have everything there to get off the ground and immediately be productive on the platform!
Last modified 2mo ago
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