App Development

A guide to building web applications for the Reapit AppMarket

At Reapit we want to make it as easy as possible to get started building apps against our platform APIs. For this reason we have open sourced a lot of the tooling we use internally for App Development for our App Partners to use.

As you will have read in the developer portal guide, for developers familiar with React a great place to get started is the Create React App Template, which extends Facebook's CRA scripts with Reapit tooling.

If you are planning to build a AppMarket App that is launched from the AgencyCloud CRM, we ask that you adhere to our interactive Style Guide Elements. This is distributed as an NPM package with components for React users and a stylesheet for Non React users.

We understand that authenticating your app using Reapit Connect single sign on can be a pain point and to smooth this process over, we have built a low dependency, framework agnostic auth package on NPM, Connect Session. This exports Vanilla JS, NodeJS and React versions and handles all redirecting, caching and refreshing of your session.

In addition, we export up to date TypeScript definitions of the Platform API, with Web Component widgets to extend any site with Reapit functionality coming very soon.

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