Welcome to Reapit Foundations Documentation

The documentation is split between the API and our Open Source Packages.

API usage documentation is again split between the Foundations REST API for querying the Reapit data platform, the Desktop API which is relevant to interactions between web-apps and Reapit Agency Cloud, the Reapit Connect OAuth single sign on service, and finally, the NPM packages we support for web development.

In the Open Source docs you will find information, largely about the Foundations Repo on Github. This is the home for all the source code for our web apps, tooling and published packages. You can also visit here to report a bug, request a feature or look at our future development roadmap.

We are currently in Beta and are both making daily code changes and updating these pages. Should you find any issues, anything that is unclear or any inaccuracies in the documentation, please visit here to let us know.

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