App Listing Review

To prevent delays in reviewing your app or integration, please ensure you have completed the following information and checks before submitting your app for review:


Size: 96px x 96px

The app icon is the first opportunity to communicate, along with the app summary, what you are offering. We recommend keeping the logo simple but should be recognisable and understandable. The icon will be placed on a white tile and grey background so ideally avoid text, screenshots or photos.

Your company icon will be shown on the left hand side of your app listing in the AppMarket.

Size: 495px x 222px

The featured image will appear at the top of your listing page as the first graphic representation of your app before any screenshots. It may also be used for external marketing as well as within the AppMarket under our ‘Recommended Apps’ or ‘Featured Apps’.

The featured image should be more of a graphic/advert style, no screenshots of the application. Ideally it should convey your app’s value proposition.


Character Limit: 150

The summary is a short description about your app and will be one of the first things shown in the AppMarket before a user clicks through for more information.

Users should be able to clearly see what your app is about when browsing. You have a maximum of 150 character to utilise which will be displayed on both the app tiles and on your app listing.


Character Limit: 20,000 (special characters are included in the character limit)

The next step after a user discovers your app in the AppMarket, is to read more about it.

Creating a detailed and accurate description of your app is what will give users the full understanding of what your app has to offer. Appealing enough to encourage users to install.

The focus should be on conveying the value of your app/integration and should work alongside the images you provide.

A great way to think about how to format your description is to picture yourself as the user and what would appeal to you about your application, what problem exists and the solution it provides.

We also request that you include a section for key features (a short bulleted list on the benefits of the app/integration)

The description field also supports external links.


Size: 598px x 457px

You have the option of uploading 4 screenshots on your app listing and we require a minimum of 2.

Whilst screenshots give the user the ability to see your app in action, you can create the screenshots to include text to highlight the important features. Really maximise the space and visual impact of your app listing.

2 screenshots are placed directly under the ‘Summary’ and the other 2 are placed below the ‘Description’.

About Developer

Character Limit: 250

Field Location: (Admin's only)

The ‘About Developer’ section is specific to your organisation and not set at app listing level. Therefore, you should add information in this section to share with users’ details about you as an organisation.

Desktop Integration Types

Desktop Integration Types or Agency Cloud Integration Types are only to be used for apps that’s launch inside of AgencyCloud and are not required or should not be used if you have developed an integration.

For more information on Integration types and our Desktop API, please visit or watch our video here


Please ensure that you have only selected the permissions that your app/integration is using.

We will test/check the requirement for each permission to ensure you are actively using them. If you have selected permissions that you are not using, your app maybe declined until they have been updated.

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